Platform Tools

On this page we list the available platform tools which you may use free of charge to enhance your internet presence and to display information about your company on our platform.

The Events Plug-In

The ideal promotional tool in an information exchange platform

ContentWizard has developed custom-made plug-ins for use on WordPress websites. These free plug-ins may be downloaded by anyone and placed in the right column or footer of their website.

The Events plug-in is free of charge. It is a desktop widget which displays upcoming corporate events in the user’s area and sector. The user is free to choose which sector and how tightly to restrict the locality.

Although events are collected and included in the Events Plug-in database by ContentWizard researchers, utilising our broad network of contacts and clients, any user may sign up and add their own company’s events to the system. This allows their company to display information about their company’s next exhibition participation, public launch of a new product, training course, webinar, or any event which may be of interest to potential customers.

This is not advertising. Events must include a location and date of an industry-relevant meeting, so that users around the world will wish to keep the plug-in on the desktop as a useful reference.

Please contact us for more information and demonstrations of the ContentWizard Events Plug-In.


Publish your company’s events and promote your services across our network.

Who’s Who Plug-In

This plug-in displays information about a market leader or a well-known scientist, engineer or technologist. Users may suggest additions.

Quotes Plug-In

This plug-in displays fun and entertaining quotes and aphorisms from a wide range of sources and languages. The quote subjects and languages may be set by the user. Users may suggest additions.

Quiz Plug-In

This plug-in displays fun and useful quizzes about a wide range of subjects, from literature, technology, environment to high school science and mathematics. Users may set the subjects, language and degree of difficulty.

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