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When it comes to website design, success or failure depends on the quality of the content more than anything else. SEO, search engine optimisation, works by semantic analysis of content. Search robots analyse text to identify the relevance of the web page for the search query. If your site is not performing well with SERPs (search engine response pages), it is most likely your content that is failing to hook the queries.

We at ContentWizard apply the principle of ‘content first’ in our design of websites. We offer tools and content management systems (CMS) which help clients create content-oriented architecture, to multilingualise their site while maintaining SEO standards, and to keep their content up-to-date with the ease of a word-processing programme.

We also provide systems for integrating multiple content generators and social media OutReach processes. An important advantage of ContentWizard as a service provider is its platform, which provides inexpensive promotion to its members. Our tools can be regulated to various degrees of location and sector relevance, according to your needs.

We are located in Lugano, a beautiful lakeside town in southern Switzerland, in the heart of Western Europe. We are therefore ideally positioned to provide plurilingual support and as a multicultural digital marketing base.

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